Glimty – Web and Prototyping

2016 – 2018 Webdesign, Prototyping and Ideation with Glimty AS.

From August 2016 I joined Glimty AS as their Lead Designer and CPO, the first 12-18 months went into setting up the infrastructure and tech necessary to test the business idea of Glimty. The idea was that Norwegian consumers would be willing to get recommendations for gifts and the option to buy them in a chat environment, supported by chat-bot guidance.

My work consisted in helping out in managing tasks and design the web-experience for the customer, the website was built on WordPress, Woo-commerce and used Bootstrap 4 for its framework. I created the mock-ups for how things should look and feel, then worked closely with the web-developer to make it all work. After summer 2017 and until after the holiday season at the end of that year, we tested the website, chat-bot and got several excellent product partners.

The result: We concluded after our testing phase that it could very well be that the service would be well received and used, but it would require us to build more streamlined systems for partners to add products and the bot would need much more work. Other chat-bots around the world have already proven that customers will be willing to buy from within the chat, so the idea can still work. Glimty have focused the remaining funds and effort more towards the chat-bot and will not use much effort to keep the marketplace growing, but will maintain it.

After new years 17/18 I started and completed design mock-ups for how I think the tools for our partners should look like, based on research into existing marketplaces and conversations with product partners. The four images at the bottom is from that project.