Artists Book assignment @ Deakin University


One of my classes in semester 2, 2012 at Deakin was ‘Graphic Novels and Artists’ Books Studio, for this class we had only one practical assignment and we could chose to make an graphical novel or to create a artists book I selected to create a book, and my theme for the book was ‘As seen from a crazy mans perspective’, So what the images actually show is not really connected to the text
. All the images is from a Facebook group that collects images and memories from the town in Norway I lived for the first years of my life. I asked in the group for permission to use the images and was clear that I would add descriptions to the images that were not true to the actual content, no one objected to the use

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The final product is limited in the methods used as the time limit to get the book finished for the submission did force me into be selective in methods and also how much time to use on each page. I also did chose to remove about half of the initial pictures/spreads that I wanted to use initially.

Here you can view / download the whole book