Improving packaging – Southern Cross packaging awards assignment.

So for this assignment we were to chose one of the briefs from Souther Cross Packaging Awards, we don’t have to submit to the award if we do not want to

I chose to work with two of the briefs, that way I could wait to chose a single one of them until I actually have to

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. So my design is made for both brief A and B (SCPA website)
. The first brief is to find a problem with todays packaging and create a possible solution, the second brief is make a more accessible packaging for products so that there is no need for a tool to open it.

My solution is easy to open, only made from paper products and only have the important information
. My product is a memory stick, but it is not the product that is important, but the packaging that these small electronic devices often come in, hard to open plastic shells that results in hundred of thousand injuries each year.

I just got a email form my teacher telling me that I got a Commendation Award from the Southern Cross Packaging Awards. Basically it is a shared fourth place in the brief that I participated in. My submission and my name will be displayed at the webpage and I will get a certificate.


Here is my Conceptual Rationale: