Bambus – Project Noroff University College

Bambus has been working together with our previous school and now customer on many projects
. We have been part of the creative team behind Noroff´s new catalogue and new public profile and we have produced (re-written) the styling and some of the structure of Noroff´s new school Noroff University College. The CSS used in this site is heavily based on CSS 3 to solve some issues
Noroff University College

Some of the CSS 3 used on the site is the ability to rotate stuff and the adding of fonts

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. Both still not perfect since the rotate styling needs individual styling for several browser engines
. And The font-face styling is also somewhat difficult to use because of IE´s demands on different file type than all other browsers and that Opera is too fast to recognize when a site has changes or a site has fonts defined by its CSS
. It all still works, but sometimes Opera will jump right past some of the styling and IE uses alternative fonts since the font we were supposed to use were not available in the correct file format.

You can see some of the stuff we have been working on at our site Bambus Grafiske (Bamboo Graphics)
I am now heading towards Australia and Melbourne, to finish a bachelor degree at Creative Arts – Graphic Design at Deakin University.

More to follow, in the meantime check out the sites of my colleagues/co-students: and the feel-good breakfast blog The Morning Post