Trashpop – Poster Template


2009 Noroff Collaborative School Project, Poster Concept for Concert Organizer Trashpop


Noroff First semester Exam: Poster Concept and Template for Trashpop

Description: Design and create a poster concept. After the exam I did all the posters for Trashpop the following year or so, using our new template, some of these is shown below.

My Roles: Research, Design, Production, Typography.

Team: Collaboration with Thinh.

Note on poster background photographs: All background photographs came from the artists (or their contacts) themselves.

  • Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo

    Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo - TrashPop plakat

  • Tellusalie

    Tellusalie - TrashPop plakat

  • 15310_10150151502230061_764805060_11893439_7854889_n

  • 25515_10150157650185061_764805060_12059342_4214796_n

  • 25805_10150142439525061_764805060_11653906_5343511_n

  • 25805_10150142439545061_764805060_11653909_6967779_n

  • 25805_10150142439555061_764805060_11653911_2004416_n

  • 27967_10150160802465061_764805060_12137995_5020028_n

  • 27967_10150160802470061_764805060_12137996_1140557_n