Popular Culture Character Designs

For the last few months I have been re-visiting old designs for the purpose of selling at crafts markets. I redid all the figures from the pop-personas poster I did for Bambus back in 2011, added textures on hair, metal and a few other elements. Added some props for some of the characters. And I designed a few new characters: Ash (Pokémon), Link (Zelda: A link to the past) and Steve (Minecraft). Read more...


Gamification is used in marketing to engage consumers and sometimes serve addiction. Game mechanics, which normally show progress and give rewards in a game, can be —and are— used to steer consumers into being more invested in products. Read more...

Deakin Library Wayfinding assignments


At Deakin semester 2 in 2012 I had a class for way-finding design, in this post I present my 3 submissions for that class. You can see my final submission for the third assignment here: LINK and the rationale for the individual assignments are presented below in this post.

4 words in images – 108 Defilements

This is the 6th assignment of the second year at Noroff. (second assignment in semester 4)

The assignment this time were to shoot 4 photographs using outdoor lighting. The 4 photos were to be based on 4 words, in some sort of series or 4 individual words. I had already for a long time played around with ideas of shooting photos based on the 108 defilements so this assignment were just the right place to try out one of the ideas. I decided to go for an “paper-child” approach and sat down with the Wacom drawing figures to use as props for the outdoor photo-shoot. The 108 defilements are needed to overcome to achieve Nirvana in Buddhism.

Daisy – Interactive add

This is my submission for assignment 5 (1st assignment in semester 4, January 2011) The assignment were to make an interactive add to promote an … Read more…