The Genius of Typography – Title Sequence assignment

This is the results from the group I worked with for the eight assignment this year at Noroff (4th assignment for semester 4, April 2011)
The assignment were to make a opening sequence for a TV-series, film or similar

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. In my group we had many good ideas ranging from a apocalyptic series set in K-Town to an 007 agent film

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. We landed on the idea of making the opening for the (wishful thinking) BBC series ‘The Genius of Typography’ (So if anyone in bbc working on the two other “Genius of” series, here is what you need to do next!). The idea is inspired by the BBC series ‘The Genius of Design’ and ‘The Genius of Photography’, our series is based on the idea that there is typography all around us.

I did the motion graphics for the logo at the end and I made the two newspaper pages (that is filled with typography Easter-eggs) Filming, editing and the rest of the motion graphics were done by Snop and Jungaboo.

Twitter: @Snop_ , @jungaboo and mine @cammolele

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