Studio Ghibli Collection – Complete (to date)

One of my favorite Anime studios – Studio Ghibli has been somewhat off incomplete in my shelfs. But finally i received the missing films and i could fill the holes and exchange some that i had not in the “collection” release with the ones in it. Now i do hope that Ponyo will be released in the same collection and not with a lot of Disney crap on it…
ghibli and some others arrived finally
The other 3 films i ordered were:

  • Origin – Spirits of the past
  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days
  • the Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    • The Little Norse Prince
    • The Castle of Cagliostro
    1. Nausicaä – The Valley of the Wind
    2. The Cat Returns
    3. Porco Rosso
    4. Pom Poko
    5. Kiki’s Delivery Service
    6. Laputa – Castle in the Sky
    7. Howl’s Moving Castle
    8. Princess Mononoke
    9. My Neighbour Totoro
    10. Grave of the Fireflies
    11. Whisper of the Heart
    12. My Neighbours the Yamadas
    13. Spirited Away
    14. Only Yesterday
    15. Tales from Earthsea

    Following film are preordered for its release:

    • Ocean Waves

    As you probably can guess from this is that i am very fond of Anime and to underline that statement even further i will link to my “Anime i have watched” list at MyAnimeList: LINK

    15 responses to “Studio Ghibli Collection – Complete (to date)

    1. That’s a beautiful collection ! I want the same ! ^^ One day I will buyall Ghibli’s films’ DVDs (but I need money for that XD)
      You can also add Arrietty, the borrower now, and Kokuriko-saka Kara soon :P

    2. I got Ocean Waves and Ponyo in my collection, I am asking for Arrietty every time I am at my importer. The Disney version is probably already out, but I want the Optimum (Studio Ghibli Collection) one with the number (18 I guess).

    3. I usually buy these from my local importer (Outland) here in Norway.
      The Optimum releases (The Studio Ghibli Collection) has both English and the original Japanese audio tracks (with English subs),, and many other websites carry these. Try search for one and one title, or on sites as you could just search for “Studio Ghibli Collection”.
      However you should look at the pictures and make sure the line on top of the pictures are silver and not red. The red is the Disney release, the Silver is the Optimum collection releases with numbered backs. if no colored line is present it is probably an release from before Disney made Ghibli part of their studios.

    4. Do these copies feature English accents or are they taken from the Disney American dubs?

    5. I think they all have the options of English or Japanese with english sub, however the latest release Arrietty I know for a fact that they made one version using UK english and one with US english, these are with the UK dub since it is UK releases by Optimum. And Optimum decided to dub the movie themselves this time instead of using the Disney dub that all the other movies uses. (I prefer them with Japanese sound and subtitles) You can read about the latest dub decisions here: link

    6. Hello.
      I have 8 films in the Ghibli Collection and I love them all. But I can’t find a place or site there you can buy them.
      Do any of you know where you can buy them?
      I would be wery happy for an awnser =)
      Greatings from Sweden =)

    7. I have bought most of mine from Outland (chain of stores in five of the big cities in Norway, don’t know if there is a similar chain of stores in Sweden). I also got some of the dvds from

    8. Ok. Thank you very much CK!
      Maybe there is some stores here in Sweden but I think I’ll try Amazon instead ;)
      Thank you for the tips =)
      Maybe bow I can collect all of them =D

    9. I have all the Ghiblis up to Arrietty can’t wait for Poppy Hill only weird thing is my Ponyo is labelled 17 on the Optimums but my Arrietty is labelled 6, and from pictures I’ve seen of From Up on Poppy Hill it’s 19.

      I did get Arrietty and Ponyo on Bluray though whilst the rest are on DVD so maybe they’ve jumbled them or because I got Arrietty special edition I’m not sure :S

    10. Can you please help me out and point me in the direction of where I can buy these dvds? I want the silver lined ones…but I cannot find them anywhere. I am in the US. Thank you

    11. Hi, that is because in the US it is Disney that have the publishing rights, but in the Uk (and some of Europe) it is Optimum. For some of the later movies you will also find that Optimum has produced their own english version and from what I understand the english is more diverse and gives more personality to the characters in these. However I just watch them with Japanese audio.
      My best bet would be for you to order them through Amazon UK and just make sure they ship to the US. Or you could try to email Optimum and ask if they have any resellers/importers they know of in the US. Hope this is helpfull :)

    12. on what site can I buy the movies in this collection. I’ve seen other collections, but I want this one.

    13. The UK versions should be available from stores based in Europe, and perhaps also from some Australian and American stores. Look for the designs in the images (silver/grey band on top) and also for the name of the publisher (Optimum Releasing), note that these may be locked to region 2 (Europe). There is also a Disney release of the collection (red (or blue?) band on top and may not be numbered?)
      – Roy

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