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Artists Book assignment @ Deakin University

May 3rd, 2013


One of my classes in semester 2, 2012 at Deakin was ‘Graphic Novels and Artists’ Books Studio, for this class we had only one practical assignment and we could chose to make an graphical novel or to create a artists book I selected to create a book, and my theme for the book was ‘As seen from a crazy mans perspective’, So what the images actually show is not really connected to the text. All the images is from a Facebook group that collects images and memories from the town in Norway I lived for the first years of my life. I asked in the group for permission to use the images and was clear that I would add descriptions to the images that were not true to the actual content, no one objected to the use.

The final product is limited in the methods used as the time limit to get the book finished for the submission did force me into be selective in methods and also how much time to use on each page. I also did chose to remove about half of the initial pictures/spreads that I wanted to use initially.

Here you can view the whole book:


Deakin Library Wayfinding assignments

April 26th, 2013


At Deakin semester 2 in 2012 I had a class for way-finding design, in this post I present my 3 submissions for that class. You can see my final submission for the third assignment here: LINK and the rationale for the individual assignments are presented below in this post.
Deakin Library Wayfinding assignments continued »


Deakin SCCA Logo and Projection assignments

April 21st, 2013

For semester two 2012 I did a couple of assignments based around Deakin School of Communication and Creative Arts, first part of the assignment was to create a suggestion for a new logo for the school. My submission based the design on the new Deakin Worldly logo and the use of 6 colours to represent the 6 different fields within the school. The logo needed to be animated, After Effects is not one of the software I am really comfortable with, but anyway here is what I submitted.

SCCA logo animation from Roy Halvor Frimanslund on Vimeo.

Second part of the assignments, projection. Make a proposal for something that can be projected on any building on campus, goal is to promote Deakin SCCA. I chose one of the iconic buildings, the cheese-grater and wanted to continue the use of the colours and also reuse the previous made logo animation.

Projection concept assignment at Deakin from Roy Halvor Frimanslund on Vimeo.


My cup of Type – Minecraft – Creepers Gonna Creep

August 25th, 2012

Please check out the latest (and all the other) cuploaded cups at My Cup of Type!

My cup of Type.


Improving packaging – Southern Cross packaging awards assignment.

August 20th, 2012

So for this assignment we were to chose one of the briefs from Souther Cross Packaging Awards, we don’t have to submit to the award if we do not want to.
I chose to work with two of the briefs, that way I could wait to chose a single one of them until I actually have to. So my design is made for both brief A and B (SCPA website). The first brief is to find a problem with todays packaging and create a possible solution, the second brief is make a more accessible packaging for products so that there is no need for a tool to open it.

My solution is easy to open, only made from paper products and only have the important information. My product is a memory stick, but it is not the product that is important, but the packaging that these small electronic devices often come in, hard to open plastic shells that results in hundred of thousand injuries each year.

I just got a email form my teacher telling me that I got a Commendation Award from the Southern Cross Packaging Awards. Basically it is a shared fourth place in the brief that I participated in. My submission and my name will be displayed at the webpage and I will get a certificate.

Here is my Conceptual Rationale:


Owlpen Manor – research and design project

June 13th, 2012

For this project we made our own briefs based on our research, I will not go into detail of the research I did. I looked into Manor Houses and Castles, mainly in Europe. For my brief I chose to work on redesigning and create some new materials for Owlpen Manor in UK, this Manor is successful, but it has outdated designs and could very well need a freshening up on their image. Lets hope they chose to actually do that in the near future.

I found from their existing website that the manor have a very interesting history, a nice garden and the whole estate is well kept by its owners. It´s even some nice ghost stories for some of the buildings on the estate. All this together with my research findings made the basis for my designs, as well as the lack of imagery and the overwhelming amount of information on the website.
I made some Owl designs, that could be used on different marketing materials, and also as merchandise. I did an modern website, an booking and guide app. And of course a new logo.

I really think you should visit their site and look at their interesting history and especially the ghost stories.


Packaging Design – Organic Revival Tea series assignment

June 11th, 2012

This were the second assignment for the Packaging Design class, we could choose between two briefs, one were to crate packaging for a series of teas and the other a series of cosmetic products. I went for the first one, and made a series using brown paper and the colors were chosen based on the teas colors. On the packaging I included brewing times and temperatures as well as information about the teas benefits, taste and colors.
The Organic Revival logo is the four leaves from the tea series combined with the name and a simple circle. The font used is Prosto. The individual packages is decorated with a circle of leaves on a background based on the tea color. The whole project is simple Illustrator work and a little InDesign.


Selling Australia to Australians – Postcard assignment

June 9th, 2012

The brief was to make postcards that would market australia towards australians, this meant that we needed to find how australians look at their own country and not only focus on stereotypes and how I would view australia from my point of view. The Australian students had to do the same only they were to market Norway towards Norwegians.
I ended up using only Melbourne locations and choose well known buildings and places that people from melbourne would recognize.


Knock Knock Knock…

April 18th, 2012


Bambus – Project Noroff University College

January 28th, 2012

Bambus has been working together with our previous school and now customer on many projects. We have been part of the creative team behind Noroff´s new catalogue and new public profile and we have produced (re-written) the styling and some of the structure of Noroff.com Noroff´s new school Noroff University College. The CSS used in this site is heavily based on CSS 3 to solve some issues.
Noroff University College

Some of the CSS 3 used on the site is the ability to rotate stuff and the adding of fonts. Both still not perfect since the rotate styling needs individual styling for several browser engines. And The font-face styling is also somewhat difficult to use because of IE´s demands on different file type than all other browsers and that Opera is too fast to recognize when a site has changes or a site has fonts defined by its CSS. It all still works, but sometimes Opera will jump right past some of the styling and IE uses alternative fonts since the font we were supposed to use were not available in the correct file format.

You can see some of the stuff we have been working on at our site Bambus Grafiske (Bamboo Graphics)
I am now heading towards Australia and Melbourne, to finish a bachelor degree at Creative Arts – Graphic Design at Deakin University.

More to follow, in the meantime check out the sites of my colleagues/co-students: jungaboo.com smuddude.com somethinh.net and the feel-good breakfast blog The Morning Post